Mad Wolf Mongolian BBQ

Love to Grub

With so many great eateries, we had to start with one of Thomas’ all-time favorites, Mad Wolf Mongolian BBQ. This hidden gem is located at 4110 N. Harbor Blvd (northeast corner of Harbor and Imperial Highway) in Fullerton, California. Thomas has been eating here since July of 1999, and in the first few months of our dating, we must have eaten here at least ten times. For those that have never eaten Mongolian BBQ, it is quite simple.

Mongolian BBQ is buffet style eating. You combine meat, veggies, sauces, and noodles into a bowl. Take that bowl to the chef, who will cook in on an open, circular griddle. The process takes about 2-5 minutes if you are the only person in line. If you are worried about contamination don’t be, they repeatedly clean the griddle throughout the day.

Tip: When prepping your bowl, always put the noodles on…

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